I took a few minutes to look around and settle down into ichi.city.

There's not much to say, really. It feels like home. User interface and navigation looks familiar. I've used something similar before. But, I know this was built from the ground up, and for that it deserves credit.

I like it. I already found a use case for it. Snap! Snap! Just like that. That's how it works with isvarahparamahkrsnah. I've got a really creative brain and if I put it to good use, I can create something extraordinary.

However, I'm going to wait for the right moment. Waiting for the stars to align. I have hope.

One thing I must say, and this is quite funny, it makes me smile - the total file size allocated is 10Mb, which should be more than enough for any ordinary website, but for isvarahparamahkrsnah? Woo! That's just getting my index page started. haha

And I know this because I just pulled my index page from one of my folders, and along with some other pages and files, the total folder size was 45Mb. And that's from another project I'd been working on.

So yeah, I am a bit extravagant when it comes to building stuff. Whether it's words for a story, or images for some extra eye candy, or pages.

I've browsed a couple of homepages and most people use theirs to link to their social network stuff. But I've already got my social networking stuff covered elsewhere. Well, two of those sites are dead now, but one can still find the goods if they know where to look.

I plan to integrate this for a storyline. Yeah. I'm visualizing it right now. Wanna hear it? Neptune. Post-apocalyptic civilization. A city of the future. Ichi.city. Sounds silly? I'm a visionary. I see potential where the common man sees mere dust.

3 months ago, ichi.city was probably just an idea inside one man's head. 3 months from now, ichi.city may probably be, the single greatest website in internet history. It's not about what you've got, yeah? But what you do with it.

Okay! Enough words. I use too any words. I can't wait to start working on my storylines. That's where the most words are needed.

Ichi.city - great site. Great project. I like it. Now can we have some homepages which show at least some effort in creative design? I found like 5 homepages in total whose users had put some effort into making them unique. A little competition is good for creative people. Gives them a nudge in the right direction.