Going Nuclear

I'm a chef. My primary duty is to cook for a family.

Recently I noticed that a lot of cooked food was going to waste. The leftovers were piling up in the fridge and getting tossed out.

I'm a very quiet and calm person, most of the time. But do you want to piss me the fuck off? One way to push my nuclear button is by throwing away good food. Would you like to see me transform from a calm, zen buddhist monk to a fucking monster in 0.5 seconds? Let me catch you throwing food away and I'll fucking cut your heart out and feed it to the jackals.

I'd like to think of myself as a calm level-headed person who can walk it off when he's upset. One of the things that I absolutely cannot forgive is wasting resources. If you throw away food, or leave the tap running, or leave the lights on, or your computer on when you're not using it; chances are, I just don't like you. Not just that, but if you rub me the wrong way, I wouldn't hesitate to put your ass through a little torture session. Perhaps lock you up in a dark room for a month? Or starve your dumbass for a few days. Let's see how long you can go without food before you're willing to gobble up someone's vomit from the trash can! I can list a thousand ways to break a man. Because I've gone through very very difficult times in my life. And I can never forget.

Human beings are very wasteful. Perhaps they've failed to realize that our world has finite resources. The things that we take for granted today, may be accessible only to the privileged few in the very new future. Food, water, minerals, electricity, gas, fresh breathable oxygen... you name it, it's all finite. And people take these things for granted because they haven't lived a day without them.

But one day in the future, the earth will stop producing food, the land and soil will be completely useless and polluted and full of hazardous waste. The farmers will plant the seeds, but nothing will grow. There will be no clean water. Not even in the ocean. All the water sources will dry up, INCLUDING the oceans. Can you imagine the earth without water? That day will come! You and I may not be here to see it. But the future generations of fucking retarded idiots will see it. The air will be polluted. Think about New Dehli and Beijing, but like, everywhere. Smoke and smog. Oxygen will be sold in canisters. PEOPLE'S LIVES WILL FUCKING DEPEND ON IT! Remember the oxygen crisis during the pandemic? What's going on with Covid-19 today? I have no fucking idea. Absolutely no clue. I stopped following the pandemic news a few months ago. But I remember there was an oxygen crisis. Hospitals had run out of oxygen supply and patients were SUFFOCATING to death. Are humans ready for a future where they'll have to buy oxygen to stay alive? Just like buying groceries, or getting your coffee in the morning, BUT IT'S AIR. You cannot live without it. What the fuck are people going to do? There's a lot of dry arid areas on earth. People live there. You and I may not live there, so we don't know how fucking tough life is, but trust me, they know it. They know the value of one jerrycan of water. You've got a fucking pipeline that never runs out. But for how long? The Amazon may be the last place on earth to run out of water, but people in the Sahara and Namib desert are already living the hardships! Forget them; even the folks in California know there's a finite supply of water. They're already on shortage. They're buying bottled water. You want to drink? You want to cook? BOTTLED WATER! Do you know there are still some places in the world, where people drink water straight from the taps? Like they cannot even begin to comprehend what their lives would be like if they lived in California. But there you have it! It is already happening. The process has already set in motion. It's only a matter of time before more and more people run out of clean drinking water, and soon, one day, all the taps in the world will run dry, and there will be no more water. Water will be sold in the black market, similar to the drugs situation at the height of the pandemic. Forget the pandemic, look at Lebanon right now! FUCKING LOOK AT LEBANON!

The crisis in Lebanon has only been caused by lack of money. They ran out of cash. Think about what will happen when they run out of the actual natural resources. Like no food for real. Like the earth has become barren, a fucking wasteland, full of plastics and chemicals and garbage produced by the worst species to ever set foot on this planet!

I am the man that can see the future. And it's not looking too bright folks. A lot of people can't even comprehend it because their lives are so fucking beautiful and awesome. They can't think beyond the present.

Here's another example: Look at all the computers being manufactured every year. Look at all the new models and next gen stuff that isn't much better than the last gen stuff. Look at the capitalistic world going full swing, silicon shortages and all, pumping money, manufacturing shitty plastic laptops, like fucking netbooks, which became obsolete the day they were DESIGNED. What do you think will happen when the consumer buys the netbook? He'll run Windows 11 on it, experience how slow old school cathode ray computers were in the 1970's, lose his mind with incessant rage, and proceed to bash the goddamn netbook into his wall because who the fuck produced this slow ass piece of motherfucking shit?

Instead of designing and producing well-built laptops that are fast and can last a lifetime, manufacturers are building flimsy plastic garbage with Celeron and Pentium and Atom processors. WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? Intel, you goddamn stupid motherfucking bunch of retarded bastards, what the fuck were you thinking?

These companies are not thinking about the future. They're not thinking about the environment. They're not thinking about the future of mankind. They're thinking about lining up their pockets with wads of cash all day long, all year round, forever.

Why should these companies have to run forever? Why? Why does Intel have to manufacture a bunch of shitty CPUs every year? What exactly is their philosophy? Get rich today, die hungry tomorrow? There isn't an infinite supply of silicon. One day, the mines will run out of silicon ore. And Intel will have to shut down operations FOREVER.

D'you know what a better business model would be? Manufacturing in cycles. Like let the supply be exhausted, then manufacture the new stuff. In the meantime, they could focus on R&D to design processors that would last forever, and cater to future needs and use cases. The current design model caters to current demands only. Games need faster processors, let's create faster processors. Users have higher workloads, let's create faster processors. But what about the future? They don't give a fuck about the future. Their design models only cater to the user applications for the next 5 years or so, at best. Why? Because they want to keep the companies running indefinitely. They want the money pouring in indefinitely. God forbid they create a processor that could be useful 100 years from now. "Oh no! 100 years?! Hell no! Technology is improving radically!" BULLSHIT! FUCKING BULLSHIT!

You wanna know how to preserve natural resources for a much longer time? Change your thinking. Instead of creating Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3 etc every fucking year, perhaps space them up a lil bit. Create Gen 1 in 2021, and Gen 2 in 2032. Let there be some huge fucking massive improvements! I'm talking day and night! So that when users actually upgrade to the next CPU, it actually feels like a goddamn motherfucking upgrade!

Look at my upgrade for example. My old netbook had an Intel Celeron N2830. My new laptop has a Ryzen 5 3550H. Day and night difference motherfuckers! Day and night!

Hello NSA! Are you reading this? "Oooh! Ohh! isvarahparamahkrsnah revealed his CPU! Quick! Let's create a malware for his CPU model! Krsnah! We're coming to hack you!" WHY DON'T YOU HACK DIZ MOTHERFUCKING NUTS? HEH?

FUCK THE NSA! Have I made myself clear on that? FUCK THE MOTHERFUCKING NSA! Bunch of nosy ass good-for-nothing motherfuckers! Am I supposed to be afraid of you? You say, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." I say, you're goddamn right! I got nothing to hide except my motherfucking nutsack, which yo mama likes to fondle while I'm sucking on her goddamn motherfucking titties! Goddamn NSA pricks! FUCK YOU!

I'm not afraid of the NSA or the US government. I'm a motherfucking tiger in the jungle. These nose-picking nerds are like a bunch of hyenas, jerking off to naked pics of civilians in their basement.

I guess this rant means that I'm never getting a visa approval at the US embassy. What's the motherfucking deal with submitting your social media information anyway? Why does it matter? That is my personal stuff, why is it so important to you? Do I ask you if I can take a peek in your bra, or your wife's bra, or your mom's bra? Here's the new deal: If I have to present my social media accounts for approval, you have to present yo titties, and/or your mother's titties for my approval! That's the deal, take it or leave it.

Let's try to conserve the environment and preserve our resources. Gas prices are rising. Food is becoming more expensive. The UK has shit it's pants. And isvarahparamahkrsnah blew his lid off. In other words, just a shittier day in a shittier world.