Judge Me

I wrote this post yesterday. Then I got distracted by some stupid motherfucker. And my laptop battery drained and died. Half an hour of typing WASTED!

So I was discussing with my homie loginya about my romantic fictional writing. And he said, "since it's linked to your name, you might be judged on it in the future."

Hell, I've pissed off a lot of people simply by writing articles presenting FACTS. I was getting a lot of heat for speaking the truth. That's why I got into fictional writing in the first place. In fictional writing, everything is make-believe. I can talk about anything and everything and it shouldn't offend anybody. But people are gonna be people, aren't they?

So, judge me. I don't care. See, I'm not the type of guy who'd get offended by anything. You wanna talk shit about me? Newsflash: Enough people have done it and failed.

Now, as far as being allowed to post romantic and erotic stories is concerned, I got that covered a long time ago. At the present, I've got 5 venues to post my fictional writing. So that's going to be my major focus.

I think we're going through an era of open sexuality: Onlyfans, a gazillion fetishes, and all that. Compared to everything that I've seen and witnessed this past decade, my content is going to be very tame and pg-rated. It's old school romance. Stuff that I've read and lived through more than a decade ago. Back when people were shy and kinda conservative. It's more of my style really. But I ain't complaining about the current era. I like freedom! And if I get to see titties for free, then more power to the people! lol