Tech Progess

I've been working on a new OS for my laptop over the past week or so. And now a new OS for my phone.

I'm working on fixing a lot of problems that I faced in the past. If not fix, at least minimize the recurrence of errors. Shit. I just spelt that reocurrence the first time. My brain is tired! Like super tired.

I'd like to post screenshots of my OS's. I've been through several iterations and nobody has ever seen what my OS looks like. I try to make it a lil bit different and special. A lot of phones and computers have the same OS running with the same themes and bullshit and it gets kinda lame after a while. So my specialty, which I've kinda gotten good at over the past few years, is pimping my OS's. That kinda sucks up some of the performance but there's nothing like a beautiful OS to get your work done on, am I right?

Oh yeah, I recently reviewed FreeBSD. I'll be posting my thoughts on that soon. It's 2021. Why are you still using an installer that looks like MS-DOS?