Phone Problems

As if my laptop problems weren't enough, my phone had become increasingly laggy over the past few months.

Technology has become a problem. There was a time when tech used to be a solution for everyday problems. But now, tech has become a fucking headache, especially for me. How am I supposed to focus on my creative writing when my devices constantly have problems?

I'd say I spend an estimated 4 months of an year just fixing OS issues, reinstalling OS's and maintaining my devices. That's a lot of time for a jobless nerd to spend on fucking technology!

LibreKrsnah Mobile OS v0.3 alpha had reached it's limits. I knew when I was testing out new distros for my laptop that I'd have to do my phone next. I just didn't think it'd be so soon. My browsers were taking MINUTES to load. I mainly used my phone to browse 9gag. And it was having problems with the limited RAM and cache.

So I backed up my Apps. I had like 270+ apps installed. That's a lot for a device with 1.4 Gigs of RAM to handle. Unlike desktops, Android likes to start app services on every boot, and has tons of apps loaded in the background even when you're not using them. That's why your phone becomes laggy when you have too many apps installed. I think Windows works the same way too. But on Linux, I haven't seen that behavior, at least not on my OS.

I wish I could get a new phone; I honestly do. But a phone has always been on the lower priority compared to my laptop. I don't use my phone much, except browsing. I get tons of stuff done on my laptop so that's where I spent money on. I think a phone with 8 gigs of RAM would be fantastic. I think with 8 Gigs and a popular model, I could install Linux on it. Not that I'd want to. But it's always good to have that option.

After backup, I did a factory reset. Now I've done plenty of factory resets before, and none of them ever gave me HUGE PROBLEMS. This time, I did a factory reset, then I clicked on the default apps just to check them out, and oh snap! Gallery gave me a "No external storage available" error. I took a screenshot and got a notification of "Screenshot could not be saved due to insufficient storage space." I opened the camera and it gave me an error too. What in the fuck was happening? I formatted my SD card, then transferred some images to it. Gallery showed the same error. I opened Files and tried to copy/move the files to internal storage. That gave me an error too. Something about insufficient privileges regarding write access or some bullshit.

So I realized there was a problem with the permissions and storage access. The system apps were unable to access the storage. I checked the info on both the internal and SD card and it showed supports write as false. That triggered my paranoia. I thought my phone was fucked. I downloaded /e/OS because I'd used to it for a short while a few years ago. It installed just fine. But it was stuck on boot and kept popping into recovery mode. I tried installing Lineage OS and that didn't solve the problems either.

I did a bunch of googling. Well, I didn't google 'cause FUCK GOOGLE. But I went through dozens of sites. Someone recommended deleting the .nomedia file in mnt. Another person recommended changing the file and folder permissions using Root Explorer or it's Chinese crap equivalent. Someone else mentioned fixing contexts on TWRP. I didn't try any of that.

One person had commented that he did a factory reset and the problem was fixed. Well, my problem had began due to the factory reset. Nevertheless I tried it. In factory reset you get an option to format the storage stuff. I don't remember clicking that the first time, but that's what I did now. And that's what fixed my problem.

I spent an entire day on this stupid bullshit. Well, not all day, but all my free time.

I hate technology. I really do. As I grow old, I've realized that I'd like to spend my time creating and inventing new stuff, rather than fixing old broken bullshit.