Data Hoarding: The Purge Begins

I've got a 1 TB external 5400rpm HDD that I used to create backups and store all the stuff that I THOUGHT I'd review or use in the future.

Fact of the matter is, I've been using this drive as a long storage for several years. And recently, it became full. So what do I do? Do I buy a new hard drive? Hell no! I just realized that I've got like hundreds of gigs of photos and videos that I've never looked at twice. Surprisingly, my memes folder is less than a gig. 370 Gigs of photos and videos. The rest is music, Windows backups for my old netbook and my gaming laptop, two games which occupy like 80 gigs combined (like, excuse me?! when the fuck did games become so huge?! I had 3 games but I deleted one by mistake. It's cool though because I never played it anyway), software, OS ISO files, books and 100 Gigs of movies.

I just got rid of about 10 Gigs of books because I never read them. And I wasn't going to read them either. I just thought they'd come in handy one day and they never did. Books of programming languages, OS, networking and other computer stuff.

I just realized that I don't need most of the stuff that I downloaded. I never look at it. I never use it. It's just wasting space.

The only stuff I've used frequently is the movies. When I was bored and there was no internet, I'd watch a movie or two while I waited for the connection to be restored.That's the most useful content on my hard drive, apart from my document files.

I also have like 12 Gigs of personal photos and videos. Thousands of selfies that I took several years ago until I got bored of looking at myself. There's too many ugly pics in there! That shit's got to go! When I'm done with that folder, I expect the total size to be around 1 GB max.

I deleted several ISO files of the distros that I've reviewed over the past couple of years. Now I have around 5 distros saved. Those are the only ones worth paying attention to.

I've already deleted several folders of images. Now I've got to go through the videos and delete all the useless ones. I expect my total videos to shrink down to 100 gigs max.

The only photos that I ever look at are the ones circulating as my desktop wallpaper. So I think I'll have to get rid of all other images sooner than expected.