Be Humble

Recently, we were chatting on IRC and I was encouraging this guy to become a dj on tilderadio. Shoutout to Those who'd like to listen to cool music can catch me on there!

Anyway, I was hyping him up. I'm a good hype man. And he said something very important. He said something along the lines of "It sounds very egotistical, but I'll take it." And I said, "Well, you gotta have an ego! A huge ego is good!"

A lot of people who see me online, might often think that I'm too puffed up. They'd think that I've got a huge ego, and they'd be absolutely correct!

Allow me to explain why having a big ego is important, especially for the people at the bottom of the society.

I was a member of a cult. And in that cult, humility was the basic principle. Trnad api sunicena, taror api sahisnuna, amanina manadena. Every morning, at 05:00 a.m., we would chant these mantras, and the literal translation was: "One should be humbler than a blade of grass, more forbearing than a tree who gives due honour to others without desiring honour for himself..."

Do you know how this principle of humility was applied? Women got raped and abused. Children got raped and abused. But they couldn't say anything. They were forced to shut up and take it! And those very same disgusting men who raped them, would sit on thrones and get worshiped by thousands of brainwashed idiots, who had no fucking idea what these men were up to!

Be humble. So if you're a woman, the Bhagavad Gita says, women are less intelligent than men, and you must shut up and accept it! Your role is to make babies and cook food! Get back in the kitchen bitch!

This is how humility is applied in the cult. Some guy, some prick at the top wearing a robe tells you to be humble, so he can insult you, abuse you, and treat you like a fucking robot.

I saw one guy who was assigned to washing all the big pots and utensils. Can you imagine joining a fucking cult, and then being assigned to washing huge filthy pots, twice a day, everyday? Like that's your life, you don't get to attend all the morning and evening programs like everyone else. You're too busy washing pots so huge, you could fit 10 of the world's fattest women in there.

One guy was given a fucking store room to sleep in. Like that's his home. He's got a bunch of fucking dirty bicycles, and blocks of wood, and all the crap you'd find in a garage stockpiled on one side of the room, and then his sleeping mattress on the other side. This is how humble people are treated. They are told to be humble, then put in a fucking store room to sleep in, while all the cocksucking motherfuckers at the top, sleep in beautiful well furnished rooms in another building! Then this guy is given services to do for 8 hours a day, ALL FOR FREE, and he's told he should be more humble because God only likes humble people!

You wanna talk about humility? I spent 2 decades doing services for free. I've cleaned toilets, cleaned hallways, cleaned rooms, mopped floors, washed big pots and gotten down and dirty. D'you know what I was told when I left the cult? "You're not humble. You should be more humble!" When I spoke to this stupid braindead son of a bitch, and I told him I did not like how the cult was manipulating people, and I did not approve of the highly insulting ways people at the bottom were treated, he said, "trnad api sunicena, taror api sahisnuna!"

That was the moment that isvarahparamahkrsnah decided, that he would NEVER EVER be humble again.

In the span of one year, my ego's inflated tenfold. You wanna talk about arrogance? Anyone who's read some of my articles without knowing my story would tell you that they straight up don't like me. They'd tell you that they don't like my personality, or my character. They' tell you that I'm a bad bad motherfucker!

Don't be humble. If you know your worth, if you know how damn good you are, if you know you're the best of the best, if you know you're the greatest of all time! If you believe in your goddamn self, DON'T BE HUMBLE! Be proud of who you are. Be proud of what you are. Don't think about what others might say about you. Don't worry about how others may perceive you. You know who you are. At the end of the day, that's all that matters.

If ISKCON ran the world, there would be no Mariah Carey, there would be no Nicki Minaj, there would be no Monica Belluci, or Jessica Alba; Kamala Harris would be a nobody, and Priti Patel would be in the fucking kitchen, where she apparently belonged. There would be no Hollywood, or Bollywood, Netflix or TV in your homes. Feminism wouldn't exist. Women's rights? WHAT RIGHTS?

Can you imagine telling Mariah Carey that she's less intelligent than men? Or telling Nicki Minaj to get back in the kitchen?! You know damn well Nicki would kick you in the fucking cobblers before spitting a rap verse that'd make you buy a casket and shut yourself in it.

The world doesn't need humble people. It needs the pricks at the top to step down and stop dictating other people's lives.