Analyzing Arch

Arch Linux is perhaps the most hyped up distro on the internet. And for good reason: It does work. My expectations for Arch go beyond the normal regular user. I want pure perfection.

Most of the Arch based distros booted up. Which was a fantastic relief. But they all seemed to share some common problems.

The biggest problem in the Arch based distros that I faced, was no right click button. HELLO? Developers? Why the fuck does my right click button not work? It's 2021. What kind of users are you targeting? Clones with brain chips that control the computer through telepathy?

Let me get this straight: If you're a distro developer, and you choose to disable the right click button on the touchpad by default, for whatever reason, then you sir, are the dumbest fucking idiot on the planet! ARE WE CLEAR?

I use the right click button almost as often as the left click button. I want to see the fucking menu options. Every single time! When you disable the right click button, it's like serving sandwich without cheese, or like a marriage without sex, or a religion without God. How the fuck does it work?

I was presented with a fucking matrix of indices to solve on Manjaro Linux, if I wanted to enable the right click button. What kind of users is Manjaro targeting? Fucking Mathematicians? Scientists? Riddle solvers?

Git yo shit straight Manjaro devs. You were THIS close to becoming my personal OS and then you fucked it up with the touchpad bullshit.

And I don't wanna hear any shit about pulling requests on Github, or sending an email, or asking "nicely" on the forum, okay? I don't wanna ask "nicely". I don't wanna be nice. If you can't get the basics fucking straight, then you don't deserve a fucking request. Right click button is fucking basic. Every damn OS has it yet you wise asses choose to disable it by default. And then you have the audacity, the fucking nerves, to present me with a fucking matrix to solve? No thank you! Fuck the right click button! And fuck your distro! I'm moving on!

Even Deepin, y'know, those closed sourced Chinese surveillance spying tracking folks? They have the right click button enabled by default. You don't need a fucking Einstein to figure that shit out. It's basic common fucking sense!

And all the Arch based distros had the same problem; Cyber OS, Garuda, etc.

And what the fuck is "Tap to click" and why is it a feature? Three years ago, there was no tap to click nonsense on any distro! You could tap on any distro because that's what the goddamn touchpad was made for!

I feel like Linux distros have evolved to the point where they're creating problems to present solutions. Like the problem was never really a problem, until some dumbass decided to disable things by default.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Linux devs are now breaking things on purpose so they can fix them. Like, do we really need a rolling fucking distro? Are there really daily important updates that add new features and enhance the user experience?

I remember not updating LibreKrsnah Desktop OS for months, and nothing broke. Shit just worked fine. I didn't need to upgrade packages every week because I wasn't missing out on some superhuman experience. In fact, shit started breaking when I performed regular updates! Isn't that ironical?

So this idea of breaking shit in one update, then pushing another update to fix those things but break other things is just ridiculous to me. It's a constant cycle of breaking and fixing shit. I need a goddamn fucking break!

One more thing: Pop OS got the drivers for my dGPU and it just works out of the box. Why the fuck can't Arch get that done? Instead of fucking with the UX, why don't you get a bunch of devs to make Arch work with dGPUs out of the box just like Pop?

Git your asses to work! I'm gonna test Arch next year and see if ya'll have fixed the problems, or you have decided to ignore criticism because you're butthurt.