LibreKrsnah OS: A Catastrophic Failure

I killed LibreKrsnah OS on Saturday 11th September 2021.

Gentoo - I'm done with it. Solus - I'm done with it.

I ran Budgie DE on Gentoo. That's the summary of LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.3 alpha.

I can't begin to tell you how much resentment and PURE HATRED I hold for Budgie on Gentoo. FUCK Budgie and FUCK Gentoo! And fuck Solus! I hate them! I HATE THEM!

I've spent the last week in search of the PERFECT DISTRO. I want the perfect OS - no bugs, no lags, no freezes, no hiccups, no errors, no bloat, no shit, no manual coding, no terminal commands, no nerdy nonsense, none of that horsecrap!

I want a perfectly customizable OS - Don't try to restrict my freedoms bitch! I want an OS that doesn't disable the right click button by default, and comes with night light preinstalled. I want an OS that doesn't shit itself while detecting my WiFi card. I want an OS that doesn't blast 500 nits of white light into my eyes after booting because of backlight issues.

Will I find the perfect distro for the perfect OS? Stay tuned! I've spent the entire week testing distros. And now that I'm almost done, I'm about to assblast all the distros that failed to impress me. Oh it's going to get ugly. I'm going to get down and dirty because I'M PISSED OFF!

An article is coming in the future, detailing why Gentoo is the dog-poop of all distros. And why Solus is the Ubuntu-wannabe that failed to nail the fundamentals. And if I'm not satisfied with the verbal beatdown of these distros, I'm going to install them in VMs and then inspect them with a microscope.

Speaking of LibreKrsnah OS, the mobile variant isn't doing well either. I've got only 1.5 Gigs of RAM and the OS is just too damn laggy for any work. So I'm gonna kill that too and write a dozen articles about why Google sucks and Android OS is a pile of dinosaur crap! Then I'm going to stomp on Google's nuts and I hope Google dies! Fuck Google! Can't make a phone worth shit, can't make an OS worth shit either! All they care about is spying on people and tracking and surveillance bullshit!

And if you like Google, Microsoft, Gentoo, or Solus, stay away from me 'cause I'm a volatile can of verbal whoopass!