Tech Emergency

Last Saturday, 11th September 2021, I woke up at dawn and spent one and a half hours offloading my mind on a post.

And then... the screen froze. I couldn't move the pointer. I couldn't type anything. I couldn't do anything.

Usually when I write on my notepad or blog, it's set to automatically save all text every 10 seconds. But on, there is no autosave or cache of text.

Imagine spending a good one and a half hours pouring out all your thoughts and then losing it all because of some stupid fucking OS freezing randomly all the damn time!

This wasn't the first time LibreKrsnah Desktop OS had frozen on me. But this was quite possibly the single worst case scenario in the history of all OS fuckups!

I decided on the spot, that I was going to kill LibreKrsnah OS.