A New Direction: Writing Fiction

I've always wanted to write fiction. I've written a lot of facts, and quite frankly, it gets depressing and sucks the life out of one sometimes. There's not a lot of good news to write about. But there's a lot of bad shit to talk about. And even for a pessimist like me, writing about negative shit wears me down.

D'you know what I realized? Talking about stuff changes nothing. Talk about human rights, freedom of speech, equality, surveillance, privacy, FOSS, global warming, environmental pollution, government corruption, corporate censorship - whatever it is that you think matters; talking about it changes nothing.

We live in a world where today's headlines are tomorrow's history. Nobody cares once the day is over. Even the most alarming and important incidents gets buried away with the daily dose of irrelevant bullshit generated by the mainstream media today.

"Oh, you care about surveillance and privacy? That's so sweet! Have you seen what this irrelevant celebrity posted on Instagram? Government corruption? Holding politicians accountable? SAY WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE TIKTOK THAT THIS CELEBRITY POSTED!"

70% of all social interaction is just arguments. You have arguments on Twitter. You have arguments on Facebook. And when you're done debating with some stranger in a forum, you can have an argument with your roommate or spouse or neighbor or whoever's close enough to get it.

Some time this year, I've realized that I don't care about the torrential downpour of other people's bullshit. Why should I get fired up over someone's irrelevant nonsense? Why should I get angry and rant and rage over something that I cannot fix? It's a useless endeavor. You're not going to enlighten anybody. People don't care about the truth or the facts. People aren't looking for someone to debate with. They're looking for someone to agree with.

A lot of this is just general observation. But I feel like if I don't pull out, I might get sucked into it.

I've written so many articles on Covid-19. Nothing changed. I wrote so many articles on government corruption and surveillance and censorship. Nothing changed. I wrote about privacy and freedom of speech and minimalism. Nobody cares!

So now I'm going to write fiction. I've already had a fine start on one storyline. I currently have 4 projects all related to writing fiction. That's what I'm going to work on in 2022. I've spent a lot of time on web design. I'm not really good at it, but I'm trying to make it a little different and special.