Paranoia, OS Failure & Battery Mishap

Yesterday, I was browsing stuff, and Firefox updated itself in the background. It asked for a restart but when I clicked it, nothing happened. So I tried to launch the browser again, and nothing happened. I tried to launch the Task Manager and nothing happened. What the heck?

So I opened terminal and rebooted the OS. It went blank. I waited for a few minutes. I waited some more. Nothing. I pressed the power button, and then booted again. Laptop logo appeared. Then nothing.

I tried booting from a different kernel. Nothing. Just a blank screen. Then I boot into Windows and everything seemed fine.

I don't know what the fuck was in that browser update, but I don't like it.

I had to reinstall LibreKrsnah Desktop OS v0.3 alpha. Today's the second day, and I gave up trying to reinstall all my apps.

An hour ago, I decided to play GTA V. It's been a while since I touched the game and I needed to refresh my mind. So I played the game on battery until it's critical point reached and I got a notification. I plugged in the charger, and the light kept blinking. I checked the battery in the OS, and it just showed the percentage. It wasn't charging. I booted into Linux, same thing. Booted back into Windows, no change in the percentage. I unplugged and plugged in again, nothing. So I shut down the laptop, trying really hard not to panic, and took a break. When I booted into the OS again, it was now charging. Phew!

I don't know what it is with software and hardware, but I don't think they're reliable. Like if this was a life and death situation, I wouldn't depend on it.

I've had multiple OS freezes during my previous install. The screen would freeze then go blank. Then all the inputs stopped working. Until I pressed the power button and logged in again.

I just don't know what the deal is with these fucking laptops. My old netbook had a different set of problems. This new laptop has it's own set of fucking problems. Why can't I just get a laptop that runs Linux smoothly without any issues? Who do I blame for these problems? Computer manufacturers? Software developers? Who's going to take responsibility?

At this point, I think whoever is responsible should get an ass whooping. At the very least!