Stomach Pain

I've had a bad stomach ache since morning. It's now evening and it's manageable, but quite uncomfortable.

It's not the first time I've had stomach pains. It's been a recurring event. And I've been trying to pinpoint the root cause but haven't quite figured it out yet.

I think my stomach ailments date back to early last year. I remember writing it in my journal back then.

Yesterday I was fasting. And I had fries for lunch. I don't know if potatoes could've upset my stomach and caused gas problems. I have had incidents of gas problems in the past.

I remember several months ago, when I would have sleepless nights due to stomach pain. No matter what position I would sleep in, the pain wouldn't stop. Today's pain isn't as severe. But it's still bad.

I just downed 2 glasses of Eno today. I hope tomorrow will be different.