I've been searching for a Gemini host since the relaunch of Nightfall City. Since the new Nightfall City doesn't host content natively, I went hunting for an alternative Gemini host to hook me up.

It's been a week since I applied for an account on 3 different sites. None of them have hooked me up. Not even an email reply.

I've applied for an account on a total of 7 sites over a duration of one year. Only one admin had the decency to reply and reject my application. I was disappointed, but at least I knew not to keep my hopes up or wait any longer.

What about the rest of the admins? Do they check their emails? How often do they check their emails? If they no longer accept new users or wouldn't like to host a particular user, why don't they at least reply to the emails?

I've spent the entire week checking my emails thrice a day. Each time I refresh my emails hoping that someone has replied. And each time, I'm disappointed.

I'm not asking for much. Even a simple "No" would suffice.

This has mostly been a problem with small hosts in niche communities. When you move up to larger servers and bigger communities like Mastodon, the response is usually quick.

At this point I feel like there are some particular communities online which aren't worth joining, particularly those that offer niche services like Gemini, gopher, ssh and the like. I don't know if they're exclusive communities, like you have to know someone to get in or if it's just my bad luck.

I'm moving my focus towards fictional writing, and protocols like Gemini and gopher are quite appealing for the task. If the storyline sucks, well, it won't get booed off the internet. And if it's cool, then it will be an exclusive.

Anyway, I'd already started journaling on smol.pub, and I felt it would be confusing to write facts and fiction on the same site. I needed to keep them separate. Besides, I'd already written a few posts on my journal, and I didn't want to delete them and start over.

After racking my brains for the past few days after being immensely disappointed, I figured out an alternative. I'll just have to clear up an alternate site where I'm working on another project, and use it for my storyline on Nightfall.city.

I'm a little sad. At this point, it would be easier to create a blogspot account or tumblr account or another of those corporate commercial surveillance platforms. You wouldn't have to beg for an account either. Just sign up and get to work.