No Dates?

I just noticed there are no dates on my posts on my profile. Perhaps I should start adding them manually? I like to keep track of time.

So it's Friday, 9th July 2021.

I went grocery shopping today. Last time's supplies lasted for about 11 days? Which is pretty good. Today I didn't buy asparagus beans. The asparagus beans here are not very good quality, and last week I ended up spending all morning extracting the seeds because the pods were too thick? Fibery? Tough? Fibrous! Aha!

So that's one less greens on the menu and I might have to compensate it with red beans. Problem is, the red beans that I've tried from multiple stores are too hard and they don't cook easily. What a bummer.

Oh! And I don't have a pressure cooker. So I have to boil everything the old way. I also don't have a washing machine. I wash my clothes by hand.

I made Chhole Bhature today! But I messed up the dough! I poured too much yoghurt in it and i became sticky and mushy. I ended up pouring all the flour in and had to pour oil on top to be able to knead it without sticking it to my fingers. It all turned out alright in the end! But buoyiyiyiyi! Was I nervous all morning! Not that I couldn't have cooked something else, or added more flour to it if it was too soft. But I just didn't want to screw it up badly.

The bhatures are a lil too heavy for a regular diet. So I don't think I'll be making them for the next few months.

Earlier this week I made Guar sabji. But the cluster beans were also too thick? Fibrous? Tough? My mistake was that I let them fry in the oil for too long. They became hard and then no amount of water could soften them. So the sabji ended up tasting like it was half-cooked/half-raw. It was the worst sabji I'd made since I started cooking and I was pretty angry at myself for screwing it up.