Niche Laptops

I'm a big fan of computing hardware.

Before I bought my laptop recently, I spent over a month digging deep and researching on all kinds of laptops from different manufacturers.

My first 3 brands to look into were Toshiba, Panasonic, and Fujitsu. And buoyiyiyi! Was I disappointed!

Has anyone heard of laptops from Toshiba, Panasonic and Fujitsu? Do you know anybody that uses one? Heh? 'Cause I don't. I know these companies manufacture laptops. It's a known fact. But where are they? When's the last time you saw a Toshiba store or a Fujitsu store in your city? Heh?

Dell's got their stores all over the place, Acer, LG and Asus got some stores. Lenovo and HP have a store in every city I've visited. Apple is a global icon. MSI and Razer are famous. You can buy a laptop from XMG, Gigabyte, Eluktronics, and Maingear, if you're a sweaty laptop nerd who lives in the right place. And you can find reviews for most of the laptops from these companies online.

But what about Toshiba, Fujitsu and Panasonic? These are well-known brands across the globe. Everyone has heard of them. Yet it is extremely difficult to purchase one of their laptops from a physical store. And, assuming you can find a good model online, they're usually overpriced for their mediocre specs.

I was initially leaning towards buying a Fujitsu laptop. I thought it was just a really cool brand. "Hey, what laptop do you have?" "Buoyiyi I got a Fujitsu!" Sounds like a Ferrari in my mind.

I couldn't find any laptop online. Fujitsu doesn't even have an online store. It's 2021 for Christ's sake! You'd think a company would have an online store to ship quality products. Nah!

I've seen a bunch of Toshiba laptops and they look so mediocre, it's embarrassing. The specs sheet is just a damn shame. Toshiba laptops have spec sheets that would've looked good in 2010. But not in this decade for sure.

I was able to find a few Panasonic laptops online. But none had noteworthy specs. Panasonic laptops are built like bricks though. So if you plan on using your laptop for self-defense/attack, you'll get your money's worth.

Sony stopped manufacturing laptops, didn't they? When was that? 2014? I saw a Sony laptop firsthand. So those were actually available, if you wanted one. Toshiba, Fujitsu and Panasonic need to follow suit.

Most of the manufacturers nowadays put all their effort in gaming and business laptops. So if you want anything decent, you'd have to buy a gaming or business laptop. Anything less will be an absolute horror to use.

Speaking of horror, I still get nightmares about my netbook. P.S. Fuck you Lenovo, you scumbags!