The Chef

I've been cooking for over a month now.

When I used to go to the temple, one of the brahmacaris always told me I should learn to cook for myself. And wallah! One year later, here I am, cooking for myself, and others.

Planning meals is easy. I usually decide the entire weeks menu in a moment. From there on, it's just portions of the meals that need to be sorted out. I hate cooking extra food. I can't let good food go to waste, so that always bugs me. The problem usually arises with new stomachs or individuals who are unsure whether they'll eat or not. And I've got just the solution for that - a good old nut stomping would be ideal.

Cutting vegetables is tiresome. Too bad the chopped veggies in the supermarket cost about twice the price of regular vegetables.

I've watched videos on YouTube where they prepare meals for the whole week in one session, then store them in the refrigerator. Perhaps that works great in America, for the chicken and beef and all that. I'm not entirely sure how that would work out with vegetables. haha. I think half the sabjis would go bad by the third day, even if they're stored in the freezer.

Maybe I'll start sharing some recipes next.