I've been busy. Like really really busy the past few weeks.

I think last year I had a problem in that I didn't have shit to do.

The lockdown and isolation made me crazy. I really wanted life to go back to normal.

This year, it's been different.

I've had my hands full almost all the time. And yes, I'm still in isolation.

The only time I go out is to buy groceries, and I've limited that to once a week. So yeah, I'm pretty stocked up.

I've met a friend on IRC and he's been good company for a few months now. I think I'd made several friends but each one slipped away as time passed on. This guy stuck with me. We're in two different continents, but always find a way to hang out together. Well, he usually finds a way - I'm too disciplined for that kind of stuff. I've got a schedule to follow. He usually sleeps late at night so we get to hang out during the weekends.

I haven't checked the news for a few days. I haven't checked the Covid-19 global stats for weeks now.

Life for me, has gone back to normal; well, the new normal.

I don't know what else to share on here. Should I talk about my personal life here? I think I've shared too much personal info since my appearance online. What I'm wondering is, when is it all going to come back and bite me in the ass?

Blah blah blah, privacy. Yeah. I know all about privacy. But what I've been really contemplating is, who the heck cares about what I, a random stranger online, have to say? And why would anyone be bothered enough to come after me?

Anyway, I'm here. I like this place. The manual helped a lot.

Where's the comment section? Haha. It's the first thing I was looking for when I started reading everyone's posts.

I have a journal online. It's got one year of my daily life in it. But since the pandemic began, it began to get boring and monotonous. Woke up, did this, did that, yeah yeah yeah! What's new? Like, what's different? So I stopped posting there because my life had gotten so boring. I mean, even with my new schedule, each day looks pretty much the same. I'd just be repeating myself another 365 days, and anyone who'd read it would lose their mind.

So I'm waiting for my life to get interesting, as well as have more free time, if those two will ever be mutually possible, then I can start posting in my daily journal again. Otherwise, it pretty much is a waste of my time.

I want this "journal" to contain my small thoughts, You know? The little things that I ponder on for a moment, maybe a thought of genius, or my short opinion on some current news headline or happenings. Yeah, I've spent too much time writing essays on news events. I think it's time to shorten the story length. A man of few words, some might say. Does this introduction look like someone with a few words? Haha.